Best Powerbait For Stocked Trout

Best Powerbait For Stocked Trout

In 1988, the trout fishing game was forever changed when Dr. Keith Jones’ research helped create Powerbait (Bassmaster). Ever since that moment, the way millions of anglers have targeted trout has changed. Powerbait is an artificial substance that uses calculated scents and flavors to entice trout into taking a bite. 

The best Powerbait for stocked trout includes natural glitter, rainbow glitter, corn colored, trout nuggets, and other trout dough.  Each one can be used in different scenarios, but they all do a great job of catching stocked trout. 

Today, we will be breaking down some of the best Powerbait on the market used to catch stocked trout. Fishing for trout in stocked waterways can be super fun and very fruitful. The anticipation of catching some great trout keeps anglers going, and using Powerbait is a great way to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Here are the best Powerbait options available today! 

Natural Glitter Powerbait

First up is Natural Glitter Powerbait. This option is the classic trout dough that made the brand famous. Powerbait dough is a putty-like substance that coats your hook and uses scents to attract trout. 

The glitter dough adds an extra sparkle that takes the traditional option up a notch. When going through the water column, the glitter adds an exciting element that really fires up trout who want to take a bite. 

This Powerbait can be found everywhere the brand is sold for trout fishing. This one big reason why the Natural Glitter option ranks so high. Its availability is fantastic. 

Coloring is an important aspect that should not be overlooked. Not every color can bring results like the next one. Below, we have a few noteworthy colors that are outlined, whether they are the glittered version or not. 

Rainbow Glitter Powerbait

The rainbow variation of the glitter dough is as simple as it sounds. It takes the classic type as outlined above and adds a rainbow of colors. Now, it is not the ROYGBIV rainbow that you learned about in grade school. In this case, rainbow means a mixture of different colors that are all layered together. 

For example, a rainbow glitter Powerbait can consist of purple, pink, blue, and white. It could also consist of chartreuse, green, orange, and yellow. No matter the colorway, rainbow signifies a range of options all in one jar. 

The idea of having more than one color option is to help diversify your presentation. If the chartreuse is not working, mix it up and throw some orange. 

Corn Colored Powerbait

The traditional colors are fantastic in many situations. However, sometimes you want a more natural approach based on your geographic area or fishing experience. This can be done by using corn Powerbait. 

A variety of different fish sometimes eats corn. Although carp are most known to chomp down on it, trout have been known to eat corn from time to time. Using the Powerbait version will add that proven natural scent that makes the brand so distinguished. 

You are taking advantage of all the perks that come with the two options above, but it takes on a more natural look that is corn. Stocked trout are sometimes used to this type of feed, so imitating it will bring some great results. 

Fluorescent Orange Powerbait

No list of Powerbait is complete without mentioning Fluorescent Orange. This is one of the classic colors that deserves a spot of its own. Fish eggs are a significant part of many trout species diets. So, imitating that essence can work very well. Although there are more specific ways to imitate fish eggs later in this blog, the fluorescent orange Powerbait is a great place to start. 

The fish eggs that trout eat are usually a bright orange color. When using this Powerbait, you are mimicking actual roe by presenting the correct color. This can trick trout into thinking they are munching on eggs, but your hook is buried into that dough. 

Using actual fish eggs can be expensive or even impossible for a lot of anglers. So, this is a fantastic alternative that is affordable and doesn’t go bad over time. Powerbait comes in a ton of colors and varieties, but they are not all created equal. Having the right color to work in a specific way is vital. This is exactly what the orange Powerbait works to accomplish. 

Trout Nuggets

Now, this is a different type of Powerbait than the options above. Traditionally, Powerbait is a jar of goop that you outfit to the hook and cast out. As the company became more and more popular, they thought of new ways to present the traditional Powerbait. 

This version is in nugget form. They took the traditional dough and processed them into nuggets. It is the same product but packaged differently. It gets its own entry because it does make a difference. 

When buying the jar of dough, you are in charge of distributing the dough onto the hook. With the nuggets, the size is already decided for you. This adds some uniformity to the presentation that you can track in real-time. 

Specifically to stocked trout, once you find a pattern that works, sticking to the plan is critical. When the presentation is consistent, this can be achieved easier. 

Power Eggs

Like the nuggets, Power Eggs are fantastic for stocked trout because it hits on a big part of their potential diet: fish eggs. Traditionally, anglers have used fish eggs to catch trout. Now, Powerbait has a solution to using actual roe. 

Power Eggs use the traditional Powerbait dough to create a realistic version of fish eggs. The nuggets are fairly large, and the eggs are the actual size of fish eggs. The tiny pearls can be added to the hook and provide excellent means to catching stocked trout. 

These come in a variety of colors, including solid and rainbow options. So, you can stick to your favorite colors and variations into the egg form to mix it up. Now, the main downside of the Power Eggs is the price. These are going to be more expensive than the regular tub of Powerbait. This is because of the extra work that was done to make the egg shape. If the additional cost is not worth it to you, stick to the classic options. 


Those are the best Powerbait options for stocked trout! Fishing stocked waterways is an excellent way to conserve nature and hook into some beautiful trout. However, that is hard to accomplish if you do not have the proper presentation to get it done. So, the next time you go to your stocked spot and target trout, keep these Powerbait in mind!

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