Where Is The Best Trout Fishing In Indiana? Fly Fishing Information You Need To Know Before Getting Started.

Best Trout Fishing In Indiana

The Best Locations For Fly Fishing In The State Of Indiana

Are you currently looking into fly fishing for trout in Indiana? If you are looking for the best trout fishing in Indiana, there are few locations to choose from, and it can be limited. You will want to make sure that you are going during the right time of year. With that being said, there are still some great spots that you can find if you wish to catch trout in the state. 

When you are fishing for trout in the state, you will need to make sure that you are following any laws and regulations that the area has. Once you know these rules and tips, you can find a spot that works the best for you and head out on your fun journey to fly fishing! Before getting started, you will want to know some things about fly fishing in the state, such as places to visit and rules on fishing licenses. The areas that we cover below include:

  • Brookville Tailwater
  • Lake Michigan
  • Saint Joseph River
  • Fishing Laws, Regulations, And Licensing
  • Best Time to Go Trout Fishing in Indiana
  • Trout Species Found in Indiana
  • Conclusion

Brookville Tailwater

Brookville Tailwater is one of the best spots to visit while you are in Indiana. If you are looking to trout fish in this state, this is probably one of the best locations that you will find on your journey. Brookville Tailwater is fed mainly from the east of the Whitewater River. 

If you are looking for a place to catch trout in the state, this is the spot for you as they have stocked brown trout and rainbow trout. However, you will often find other fish species as well, such as walleye, catfish, carp, sheepshead, sauger, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. When fishing in this location, you need to make sure you are aware of the water flow rate. This will allow you to pick the right spots when fly fishing to catch the trout you are looking for.

When fishing in Brookville Tailwater, you will want to visit at the right time of the year. The best time to fish here is during April through November.

Lake Michigan

Another excellent opportunity for fly fishing for trout in Indiana is Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is part of the Great Lakes in North America. Being the second-largest of the bunch means that it borders multiple states, including Indiana. The shore that borders Indiana is 43 miles, which isn’t the largest but offers an excellent opportunity for fly fishing for trout in the state. 

When fishing in Lake Michigan, you can find yourself catching steelhead and lake trout from the lake. Some other species of fish that you can catch while you are fishing in this water include smallmouth bass, sunfish, salmon, yellow perch, and carp. If these are some species of fish that you are looking for, this can be the perfect area for you.

Fishing from a boat is great for this area, but you are also welcomed to fish from the shore. If you are looking for lake trout, you may find the best times to be from June to November. If you want to catch steelhead, you may want to fish here from mid-July to August or from October to March. Fishing in this water is possible year-round. Depending on the species of fish you are searching for, you will want to make sure you visit at the best time of the year.

Saint Joseph River

Saint Joseph River is another spot that you can visit for trout fishing while you are in Indiana. This river runs for just over 86 miles and is a tributary of the Maumee River. When you are fishing in this river, you can find steelhead trout throughout the area. 

The best time to fish in this location is usually during the Winter, which everyone may not feel comfortable doing if they are not used to fly fishing in colder temperatures. With that being said, fishing in this river is possible to do year-round as you can still find yourself catching steelhead during the summer and the fall.

Fishing Laws, Regulations, And Licensing

In the state of Indiana, you will need to have a fishing license to fish in the state. When getting a license, there are many options available to both residents and non-residents. You can purchase an annual license, on-day license, and more. On top of having a fishing license, you will also need to buy a trout stamp to fish for trout in Indiana.

Something unique about Indiana is that they have four days dedicated to free fishing throughout the year. On these days, you must be a resident of the state. If you are new to fly fishing, this is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to fly fish at zero cost, as you do not need a fishing license or a trout stamp. Look into which days are free this year and plan your trip accordingly!

Best Trout Fishing In Indiana

What is the Best Time to Go Trout Fishing in Indiana?

Fishing is possible throughout the year in Indiana. 

There are times, however, when the fishing is considerably better. The trout fishing seasons in Indiana vary. Jan 1 to Apr 14, only catch and release trout fishing is allowed. Lake stocking is done from Mar 1 to mid-Apr. The opening day for trout season in Indiana is considered Apr 24, when stream stocking is done. There is special stocking usually done around fall.

What Trout Species Found in Indiana?

There are many different types of fish, and some people are looking for specific fish. Rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout, and brown trout are the most common types of trout caught in Indiana. You can find these fish in good numbers, and their weight is reasonable. 

There are various fish species with which you can try your luck if you want to venture beyond trout fishing. Channel catfish, largemouth bass, walleye, bluegill, sauger, and other species are among them. You can try your hand at capturing a variety of fish.


While Indiana may not be the best location for fly fishing for trout, there are still some great opportunities out there for you. When you are choosing a location, you will need to make sure you know the time of year to visit, as you will have a hard time finding a location that offers year-round fishing. 

After finding a location and time to visit, you will need to make sure you know all the laws and regulations of the area you are visiting. Having your fishing license is important in locations where they are required. Once you do this, you can head out and enjoy your time with the best trout fishing in Indiana!

If fly fishing in Indiana isn’t in your future, what about trout fishing in South Dakota or New Hampshire?

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